Wahana Gili Fasboat

Wahana Gili Fasboat

Wahana Gili Ocean fast boat offers daily transfer boats from Bali to Gili and Lombok island and return. Started with a single small 32 seats vessel, the company now also have 60 seats vessel and planned to launch a brand new 90 seats vessel with bigger engines. The sea transfer service is also supported with point to point overland transfer by many minibuses and cars. The trip is covered by government insurance for all passengers.

The Boats

We use The Wahana Gili Ocean II (60 seats boat) as primary boat for daily transfer. The Wahana Gili Ocean I (32 seats boat) is operated normally on high season or if the primary boat is overloaded. That is, with 60 + 32 seats available, the passengers should not be worry for any overload issue with Wahana Gili Ocean fast boat.

All boats are equipped with safety equipments and environment, led by well trained and experienced captains and crews, and powered by well maintained engines.\


Boats Specification:

   * Wahana Gili Ocean I (32 seats boat)
   * Wahana Gili Ocean II (60 seats boat)

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